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Quinn Caldwell: All I Really Want

Quinn Caldwell, All I Really Want: Readings for a Modern Christmas on Amazon

Caldwell, ChristmasFrom the intro: "I hope that the doing of them [activities, prayers, and scripture reading the book suggests to include in your to-do lists] will create room—maybe just enough room—for God to show up. I don't know about you, but this year, that's all I really want."

From my review before I finished reading the book:

Due to my desire to enjoy this book as an Advent into Epiphany discipline, I've read mornings and evenings only through today, 10 December, but that's enough to give me a sense of the style, content, and promise of Quinn Caldwell's "Readings for a Modern Christmas." Whether or not we're aware of it, each of us does long for, yearn around, and seek the presence of the Holy, the other-than. All the time. Everywhere. In preparation for Christmas, scripture readings during advent include John the Baptist's announcing the soon to be presence and reign of God on earth, and "All I Really Want" suggests ways each of us can help enable God's ongoing incarnation in the most common, routine, everyday people, things, and happenings. Would you believe the author even suggests going to church, attending worship! Radical, unusual—maybe even helpful to us and to the world!

Each morning and each evening includes a large-print scripture passage on the left hand side of the page, a reflection by the author, and a brief prayer. At the start of each week, Caldwell maps out a 7-day Christmas activity calendar of suggested ways to help yourself and others realize God does show up. Nothing about this book is comprehensive in terms of theology or practice, but it's a delightful addition to your Advent-Nativity and also a format you easily could use as a model for creating your own journal for Advent or any season of the liturgical year.

my amazon review: wonderful book for this season of the year!

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