Friday, September 11, 2015

falling in love 5

falling in love Friday 5 on Rev Gal Blog Pals.

Marie hosts today and asks us, For today’s Friday Five, tell us about your favorite fall things.

1. What's your favorite fall food?

Too too many to list or even to remember all at once! I especially love the bounty of root veggies we get in the fall, but I happened to have a picture of Apple Pie from the town of Julian, the Apple Capital of California, so apple pie's my choice for today.

apple pie

2. What’s your favorite item of clothing that you get to pull out in the fall?

Fave fall clothes have to be sweaters, followed closely by corduroy anything.

3. What’s your favorite fall scene in nature? (Pictures encouraged!)

autumn treeWe don't have a lot of foliage variations here in southern California, but I've lived in New England and in the Intermountain West, when glorious colors help take the edge off winter moving in for a duration. Based on my experiences in those there parts of the country, I've included a couple of my own takes on autumn hues.

4. What’s your favorite thing that happens in the fall? Back to school? Sports season? Something else entirely?

Despite loving summer school and attending a least a class or two whenever possible, I've always enjoyed (make that "LOVED!") back to school with its liturgy of stocking up on stacks of notebooks, papers, pens, journal books, binders, markers, crayons, and folders. Getting some new clothes in current styles and colours; a fresh haircut—sometimes a new hairstyle.

5. And finally, because surely not everyone is as in love as I am, what is your least favorite thing about fall?

As much as I've tried to imagine them as and to do what I can to help make them fertile ground for incubating ideas that will emerge during early spring, the shorter days, longer nights still bother me a lot.


  1. Back to school shopping is one of my most favorite things - new paper! new notebooks! new pencils! new crayons! new folders!

  2. I'm with you about all the new "stuff" of back to school season! My son was homeschooled all the way through, so we didn't get a lot of that. It might be a bigger deal for girls (and grown women!) than for boys anyway. :)


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