Sunday, December 28, 2008

grace in (fluff)land

(fluff) Friends have become a huge Facebook favorite for quite a few. These virtual critters (mostly animals, a few foods like radish and tofu) are friendly, social, generous, energetic gourmet types. I've adopted a leppit and named him WildSpirit; leppits look like rabbits but have trouble pronouncing rabbit. However, "leppit" is close enough to Lepus the hare the meaning shouldn't be confounding. fluff election results

(fluff) Friends developers keep busy offering new events (keep busy endlessly writing code) that recently have included a pirate ship treasure hunt, Halloween trick or treat and most recently, Christmas stockings and gifts. Around presidential election time in the USA, there was an exciting couple of weeks of (fluff) elections, so people ran around casting votes for each others critters. According to the way participants interpreted (fluff) press releases, the top vote-getter would become (fluff) president and receive perks like seal, podium, white house, (fluff) force jet and related. Runners-up would become ambassadors, secretary of (fluff) fence, vice-fluff and similarly influential political positions. Given the common perception that whoever got the most votes would win, everyone cast their hourly votes and waited for the outcome.

However, after the (fluff) polls closed and (fluff) owners went to check on election results, it turned out everyone had won the position of president! In other words, there was nothing anyone could have done to make the results any different, either any better or any worse: election results turned out to be an undeserved, unmediated gift of grace. I've no clue as to the history and background of any of the (fluff) developers, but this was yet another example of the world outside of the Church "getting it" more correctly than the world inside the Church. Just sayin'...

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