Friday, July 06, 2012

grateful! gratitude! gratitudinous! 5

kathrynzj hosts over on the revgals…

Getting out of denial, rationalization and excessive defenses is the hard part; thankfulness comes easily. Nonetheless, here's my list for today:

1. The incessant rhythms of nature's seasons and the seasons of the liturgical year that vertically and horizontally embed me in all creation, in the history of this planet.

2. Colour, line, pattern, light, dark, contrast, splash, spot, design, art!!!

3. The desert and the city. The desert is necessary condition for knowledge of self and trust of God; the desert is the primary constitutive and re-constitutive location for individuals and for the community. In many ways today's deserts remain fairly close to their pristine state. Although the city is a built, "constructed" human work, ultimately the city becomes the place of community, necessary condition of our lives together and the location of the new creation, where rivers of the water of life flow from the cross.

4. The sacraments.

5. The beach—possibly counter to the desert, and we find beaches everywhere except the desert: in urban, suburban, rural and everywhere areas.


  1. great list, love the seasons ans sacraments too

  2. Love your title. And yes, sacraments - that would not have occurred to me. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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