Friday, September 14, 2012

another random 5

another random 5 again; hosted again by revkjarla on the revgals

1. One of the best things this week was a Facebook friend offered to send me some organic catnip and then messaged me she was including one of the kitteh bracelets she makes!

2. If I were in a Republic of California Pageant, piano, Piano, PIANO!!! would be my talent.

3. Thanks for giving me a YACHT!!! I'm naming it Sun Country, because life aboard would be full of the life, optimism, openness, and possibilities that happen with great food, drink, company, and conversation and that come alongside freedom of the sea. sun country living is one of my design blogs; I also own the domain "sun country living," though I need to figure out what to do with it.

4. My circus performance also would be piano; I know that's not a typical circus act, so make it the soundtrack instead.

5. In my bag/wallet/backpack that best describe me, I always have a short stack of paper and a few pens for writing, pencils for drawing; they're all about being a compulsive theologian and designer.


  1. best thing to happen this week was that somebody that i have never met and only know through facebook offered to pay for my ailing cat's vet visit. if given a yacht, i am not sure i would even get to the naming stage, i get seasick on a lake.. in a pageant my talent would be umm....stand up comedy maybe? in my bag all the time that defines me, one of those stain remover pens, lol, i guess it goes with the clown thing because not only do i trip a lot, but i spill too! circus act would be a know the kind that trip on everything

  2. Great play- my only talent on piano is the flat scales - that was all i ever learned...

  3. Good ones! Would love to know how to play the piano. I have one...just can't read notes and never learned to play it.

  4. Your fingers on the "88's" are much more polished than my fingers on the "88's"

  5. kitty bracelets--love! thanks for sharing--hope to hear you play someday!

  6. Great play. I too would love to hear you play, and look forward to this circus of a universe bringing us together someday.

  7. Can hardly wait to sail out to sea on Sun Country. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  8. fun play!!! I want to see a picture of the kitteh bracelet!!!


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