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Reign of Christ to Advent 2013

Reign of Christ to Advent 2013
I'm writing this on 16 March 2017 that's Thursday of Lent 2, but posting it for early December 2013. As I did some computer housekeeping a couple days ago, I discovered completely unedited photos I'd taken and at the time called the folder 2013novdec, with keywords: rubios, mexican, mission bay drive, grand ave... and others.

For blogging I'm labeling this "what I learned in..." although I hadn't started that linkup back then, and when I checked Emily P. Freeman's archives, I noticed she was posting monthly learnings but hadn't started creating a graphic for each month; you know I'd've grabbed one if she had (though it's many years later). Intro to telling my audience here's a series of eleven illustrations for the days beginning with Reign of Christ, ending with Blue Christmas on Advent 1, 2013.
Rodeway Inn Pacific Beach porch

• Reception Desk / Dining Room patio porch at Pacific Beach Rodeway Inn, San Diego, California.

Rodeway Inn Pacific Beach dining room Rodeway Inn Pacific Beach dining room

• Breakfast supplies and dining area at the PB Rodeway Inn, Sandy Ego, Cal.

Rodeway Inn Pacific Beach surfboards Pacific Beach San Diego Palm Trees

• Since this is Pacific Beach, we need surfboards and a vision of palm trees—here they are!

Pacific Beach Rubios Mission Bay Drive Pacific Beach Rubios Mission Bay Drive

• Ralph Rubio's fish tacos are a true San Diego institution; here's Rubio's on Mission Bay Drive with Taco Tuesday sign in the window.

All Saints Flowers

• Flower on the Fence at All Saints University City, aka "Church On the Hill."

University City pathway to Store University City pool complex

• Surrounding the University City rowhouse where we were international and intercontinental housemates!

Clairemont Lutheran Chapel

• Blue Christmas at Clairemont ELCA, aka "Church Around the Corner."

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