Friday, May 27, 2016

five minute friday: cheer

Five Minute Friday host Kate Motaung chose cheer for today.

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FMF: cheer

I wrote by hand again

Would you believe I don't remember ever saying or writing "cheer"?! People announce CHEERS! as a toast. I know there used to be a TV show called cheers and I know I never watched it.

When John and the synoptic gospel writers have Jesus counseling us to be of good cheer as many English translations express it, that's telling us to have courage, literally to take heart. Heart-related words like cardiac and concord and concordia come from the same root as courage and courageous. In Hebrew biology the heart mostly is the seat of the will and determination, rather than the location of emotions as modern westerners have it.

I don't use the word cheer, but personally and as a designer I love the idea of cheerful colors, a bright cheer-filled space. I love the idea of cheering up a person with brights and lights of any kind.

PS As I somewhat recycled my cheer / courage header design from a couple of Valentine's days ago, I remembered a book called the Red Badge of Courage, therefore—cheer and courage in red!

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  1. You're so good at using colors etc to evoke cheer. I actually wrote about the tv show Cheers. I'm over in the #7 spot this week.

  2. Isn't that funny? We really don't use the word cheer very much anymore, but it appears all over the Bible. Loved your treatment of the word. So cool it comes from the same derivative as cardiac. I love etymology too. So glad I came upon your post this week. I'm over in spot 67. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the connect between cheer, courage and heart. The depth of the meaning of the original language is profound. Blessings to you! Stopping by from FMF.


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