Friday, March 25, 2022

Five Minute Friday :: Spring

spring promise
Five Minute Friday :: Spring Linkup

Arizona poet Richard Shelton's night has "morning around the edges." When you wake up at a certain hour, you notice dawn still has night around the edges. In these here parts, the astronomical season of Spring began a few days ago. Spring's early weeks have lots of winter around their edges!

Even in southern california, during winter our bodies and our spirits long for more light; by February we start seeking small signs – especially green ones – of newness from the heaven under our feet. Some of my blog readers may know flower bulbs contain everything necessary for new life—almost all the essentials. Everything expect winter. Winter's still chill is essential for bulbs to create long, deep roots that literally give bulbs power to make flowers.

Creation provides many models and equal reassurances that parallel our human lives. You see where I'm going?! Sometimes by our own intent, at times because of circumstances, quiet, still, dark times and places provide essentials that give our gifts and hearts power to engage the world in the bright, meaningful ways often called "flourishing." Yes, just as flower do!

With leftovers from winter, stars in a break of day sky, and once icy streams starting to flow, my header art is about spring promise.
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  1. I enjoyed reading your insights and encouragement here. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


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