Friday, May 21, 2004

Living Baptized

Living baptized: a few more notes

At all times God yearns for us to live in faithful and non-exploitative relationships with everyone we encounter and every person and creature with whom we live out our lives in ministry (by "lives in ministry" I'm referring to all baptized persons). And again, God doesn't seek for people to assume material poverty but just distribution and faithful use of all of creation's bounty is God's call to each of us. The connotation of Shalom, that fullness of salvation we yearn for and aspire to help make transpire in this world, essentially means everyone will have enough and no one will have excess of anything.

Obedience in a liberated world, or more accurately, a world that imagines it's liberated because any world or any person truly is unfree if not in Christ. For now I'll simply say I agree about following Jesus' examples of obedience-modeling by modeling obedience rather than attempting to define it for others. It's too easy to be judgmental and critical and too many times I've heard other people (Christians and non-, people who know me or whomever they're talking about) doing their most intrusive best to tell others where God is leading them and what they're supposed to do...

Do we not all agree theologically when we all claim Jesus' sovereignty? Do I believe Christ Jesus is the only "Way?" Absolutely! But at the same time, as I said a week or so ago, I trust all creation is born, lives, dies and rises in the overwhelmingly inclusive Christ Event, so ultimately not only every human one but every single aspect and every bit of every creature created ultimately will be included in the complete, finished redemption and liberation of all.

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