Sunday, September 16, 2007

God Among Us

Bible Study Series for Advent 2007

From the opening words of the first chapter of Genesis to the end of the book of Revelation, the bible reveals a God with a passion to live in the midst of and journey alongside creation. Scripture's narrative shows us countless instances of the frequently paradoxical and counter-intuitive (not exactly religious in any conventional sense!) ways God sojourns with us and transforms us into people with a passion to live in the midst of and journey alongside all of creation, particularly those people we meet in our daily lives.

In this 4-week study for Advent 2007 we'll explore:

1. historical witness 1 – creation and prophets

2. historical witness 2 – Jesus Christ

3. Liturgy; Word and Sacrament

4. contemporary witness—us! the world out there beyond the confines of our homes, this church building and the witness of people from the world out there that come into our homes and into the church building. How can we show them Jesus Christ; how can we become the presence of Jesus Christ in their lives? How do they reveal Jesus to us; how are they Jesus' presence in our lives?

© Leah Chang

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