Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reign of Christ: Pack Up Your Sorrows

Today we celebrate the last Sunday of the liturgical year—the King Who Reigns from a Cross! The late Richard Farina wrote this song about a Christ-figure, a not unfamiliar topic in the world of music. Think about James Taylor singing 'Handyman,' 'You've Got a Friend,' 'Shower the People You Love'—and? Can't think just now, but it's interesting that JT didn't write those songs. How about 'Up on the Roof,' which I know is from Carol King & Gerry Goffin?! I'll add more when I think of more.

Pack Up Your Sorrows | Richard Farina

No use crying, talking to a stranger,
Naming the sorrows you've seen.
Too many sad times, too many bad times,
And nobody knows what you mean.
Ah, but if somehow you could pack up your sorrows,
And give them all to me,
You would lose them, I know how to use them,
Give them all to me.
No use rambling, walking in the shadows,
Trailing a wandering star.
No one beside you, no one to hide you,
Nobody knows where you are.


No use gambling, running in the darkness,
Looking for a spirit that's free.
Too many wrong times, too many long times,
Nobody knows what you see.


No use roaming, lying by the roadside,
Seeking a satisfied mind.
Too many highways, too many byways,
And nobody's walking behind.



  1. I know this from Peter Paul & Mary. LOVE IT! Thanks for the link to a Christ figure, which hadn't occurred to me.

    Happy TG!

  2. Wow! Great lyrics. I am such the JT fan. He was on Leno and was fabulous! Love his Christmas CD.
    I reallyy like these lyrics and thanks to Mary Beth for linking up with the P,P and M.
    You would proably like Foy Vance. He is British and has just released (in july) a CD called Hope.
    The song Gabriel and the Vagabond is an ultimate fav. I may see if I can post lyurics at my place. :)


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