Thursday, December 27, 2007

search string fun

A few months ago or so I got this very fun idea of figuring out what search strings returned your own blog at the top of the list from singing owl; at the time I did them, these searches put desert spirit's fire at the top but I can't claim they'll do so consistently. I've decided I'm done for now--thanks for a great diversion, Singing Owl!
  • leah theology desert
  • leah sacraments desert
  • leah baptism desert
  • sacraments fire desert baptism
  • sacraments fire desert eucharist
  • leah sacraments "emerging church"
  • leah desert theology "emerging church"
  • leah sacraments baptism "emerging church"
  • leah liturgy sacraments
  • leah baptism eucharist
(these were google searches; later i got even better results from dogpile!)

singing owl's [original] play

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