Monday, July 13, 2009

desert spirit's fire @ 7: thank you!

The number "7" is a big one in the bible! This week, on Thursday 16 July, desert spirit's fire completes its 7th year in the blogosphere. Seventh sabbath days and seventh sabbatical years are times to rest, reflect, renew and recreate. For me and for this blog, these past 7 years have been exceptionally rocky (another persistent biblical image...) yet surprisingly productive ones. And scripture clearly and specifically mandates Sabbath days, sabbath years and jubilee years - 7 years times 7 - making me think it could and would be wise to make every 50th calendar day a more-or-less formally scheduled Jubilee Day.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting links to some of my favorite posts from these seven years.

A huge "Thank You!" to my blog and other internet pals as well as my real life friends who have helped me continue to think, write, remember and dream in every aspect of my life!

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  1. Hello! Will you forgive a prodigal sister for being so prodigal? Congrats on reaching SEVEN! :D I'm definitely still amdist the living, but my internet life has been amidst the dead for some time now :( That is gradually changing though...we now have high speed at home! The kids and hubby have already begun exploring it's capacities...I've just started to catch up yahoo e-mails! Though, even that's been tough to do when a ONE year old keeps crawling out to meet me! One perk of the new phone plan is free long distance from home! Let me know what works for you...I'd love to begin catching up! HUGS & Congrats again on 7 years! :D --Karla


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