Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Call and an Oracle

this is a really really old one, but bears another speaking and a new hearing...

A Call

In November of the third year of the current regime
I saw the people, the city's people
        desolate, forsaken, hungry and forgotten
I saw the people, the city's people
        needing bread, health and work
        needing plain justice.

Then the word of Yahweh came to me and I said,
        "You're asking me to speak your word, Yahweh? I did want to be your servant, but I never meant to do anything this hard! For me to be one small voice speaking against this outrage?"

but Yahweh said to me,
        "If you do not proclaim my word, who will do it for my people?"
So I said,
        "Here I am."

An Oracle

Hear the word of Yahweh, you that turn justice on its head, you that mock compassion
You have set yourself up in a soundproof castle with no window on the world
        You ears have become deaf
You have garnered riches for yourself
You have bought and sold your carefully media-marketed image
        Your heart is cold and hard
While my people hunger to be human
        as they hunger for the fruit of the land
        for the wages of a good job.
They hunger for all of those things which I, Yahweh, their Creator gave them because I chose them, the people, for my own
But you stole and plundered what already was theirs.

And when you ask me,
        "How did I do those things, when did I do them?"
When you say,
        "I have been trying to keep the peace as a follower of Jesus,"
My word to you is,
        "You blaspheme! Better that you would tell the truth that you do not follow Jesus than lie and thus pervert his proclamation."
My word to you is,
        "because you have refused to be open and vulnerable
        because you have made a covenant with death
        because you have usurped the possibility of justice
for the impossibility of a false and perilous peace that is no peace
        because you have profaned the world with the price of your no-peace
        because you have renounced the stewardship of the earth's resources and repudiated the responsibility of your office
I, Yahweh, declare you not-human, not-in-my-image
I declare you a despiser of my servant Jesus who showed you how to be human - but your eyes have become blind
and therefore I, Yahweh, will confound your media image,
lay waste your economic abominations
and obliterate your lack of social programs
until you cry to me for mercy
but for you I will have no mercy
because you have done no mercy, no justice.

"Give ear and hear me, you people of the city,
        Forgotten and trampled upon by the wealthy but remembered and chosen by Yahweh.
Witness my word!"


  1. I am trembling. En serio! Like the revenge of fed-up Desert Fathers.

  2. this is from long long ago--I wrote it as an undergrad, trusting I was going to help transform the world, though I've not much to say about how and where I am right now... I've been retyping and blogging some old stuff, trying and even hoping to catch on fire again!


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