Tuesday, May 18, 2010

prophetic imagination 4

Meeting the artist, "Art, Justice and the Imagination II: The Art of Prophets"

Although the Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination Conference happened during late Lent, I'm only now posting my 4th and 5th blogs, and we're more than halfway through Easter: next Sunday will be The Day of Pentecost.

power to the people john august swanson
John August Swanson's website explains,
"John Swanson studied with Corita Kent at Immaculate Heart College. His unique style is influenced by the imagery of Islamic and medieval miniatures, Russian iconography, the color of Latin American folk art, and the tradition of Mexican muralists."
As each person entered the room, they received gifts of three full-color, high-quality reproductions of John Swanson's best-known art. For the actual presentation, the artist narrated a slide show depicting his own artistic journey through what has become an extremely sophisticated artistic style and an involved process for producing limited edition serigraphs. What an open, gracious, humble guy! At the end, supposedly to reward us for staying through the hour plus, he gave everyone a poster-sized copy of Power to the People, one of his best-known, most detailed pieces that illustrates this blog post.

I was especially excited to meet John August because he specializes in illustrating theological subjects and because a few years ago someone told me some of my Isaiah interpretations reminded me of John Swanson's. I'm still a tad disappointed that I got to only part of the 2-2/2 day conference, but the richness and wealth of my experiences there – including the surprise of connecting with an artist I admire – as well as discovering the beautiful, dreamlike PLNU campus made it more than worthwhile.

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