Friday, July 16, 2010

5 about pets

Jan hosts Pets or Not Friday 5

1. Yes, I grew up with pets and in fact had both cats and dogs before I was born. We always had at least one dog and three cats.

2. Currently I'm owned solely by one cat, the amazing and amazingly big bengal-style brown tabby boy AlleyMalibu, "AM."

Patches, Benjie Betsy3. I can't think of a funniest or worst thing my pets have done in terms of hilarity or destruction, but I hate the cat habit of hiding where they can't be found, and then after I've searched every possible place and concluded they must have escaped into the wild somehow, they nonchalantly appear from nowhere and ask "where is dinner?"

4. I wouldn't dare claim a favorite pet, though I've had more rapport and better soul-connections with some, but I will admit cats are my favorites, to the extent I'm definitely severely cataholic.

5. Given that as an adult I've had only cats, I don't train them but rather serve them.

My bonus pic is of Patches!, Benjamin/ Benjie and Betsy. Betsy and Patches! were littermates; all three are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge.


  1. I love how you phrased that you are "owned by" your cat. That's truer than I realized (until you wrote this). Nice.

  2. I am so owned by my cats.
    Hey, your word verf is "cheese."
    Ha. funny how they use real words now.
    I missed Autumn when I went to my folks house today.


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