Friday, September 09, 2011

space style 5

revkjarla hosts today's work space 5 on the RevGals site and asks, "Describe five things in/on your workspace that are special to you!"

Special to me? I'll just list what's there according to 5 general types, but given that it's all essential equipment, you might call all of it "special."

first, by the puter:

(1) short stack of client design project specs to my left;

(2) handful of pens and pencils to the right of the stack.

then, on the living room table:

(3) bible, a couple of magazines and a couple of books I might read some day;

(4) a sketchbook and a notebook with wide lined paper;

(5) pens, pencils, markers, rulers, french curves, erasers.

1 comment:

  1. I actually know what a french curve is!
    Great play...
    and I would love to peek inside of those sketchbooks.
    Take care!


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