Saturday, February 18, 2012

Awaken Your Senses: Sight

awakenFebruary 13 begins week two of the "Awaken Your Senses" Contest on Facebook, on your own blog, as a comment on Brent's or Beth's blog or on your twitter. Beth and Brent explain:
Being able to see truly means that we have to pay attention with our body and soul. We know that when we don’t, it becomes too easy to miss the subtle influences of God’s Spirit around us. ... Too often, we pay attention with part of ourselves while the rest of us thinks about work that needs doing or any of the myriad other thoughts that crowd our minds. When that happens, as photographer David Vestal tells us, “You don’t have enough attention to see what’s around you.” If we want to see God present in the ordinary, in the daily gifts we’re given, we want to move beyond seeing and into perceiving. seeing the sky
Awaken Your Senses (p. 60, adapted)
Watching the subtly changing sky outside my windows is one of the joys of being an early riser. Even though I work closely with color almost every day, trying to match what I see in a scene or an object on paper or on the computer screen often is a challenge. Here's my approximation of this morning's San Diego sky, about 30 minutes after sunrise. As I observed on colour lovers where I made this palette, "dawn today, 'what you really see isn't always what you think you see.'"

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