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Porch Stories: July 2017

desert spirit's fire porch stories – Porch Stories July 2017 highlights

• Kristin Taylor's own summary Porch Stories for the month of July convinces us Learning to Linger Longer is "so worth it" for many reasons.

Expo Line Bergamot station
Pico Library, Santa Monica Pico Library, Santa Monica Pico Library, Santa Monica
Pico Library, Santa Monica

• Railroads, railways, trolleys, subways, and trams fascinate most people. Current City has an extensive public transportation system comprised of I don't know how many discrete entities that all accept the stored value TAP card. I believe the Expo line is the newest; it's the latest I've enjoyed, all the way from South Central to idyllic Santa Monica. Please note Pico Branch Library's Rainwater Harvest System!

summer in bloom Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts

• A carpet of summer-bright flowers and my first ever West Coast Dunkin Donuts on the 3rd of July. The Coffee Coolatta was as delicious as I remember, and quite a bit less expensive than Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Ice Blended.

Gianni Arone's birds art Slauson Donuts
Slauson Donuts
Slauson donuts

• Public Art sponsored by Slauson Donuts. I love Gianni Arone's art – #SmileSouthCentral!


• On Fourth of July Independence Day the fireworks came to us. Place where I'm staying had a front row seat to at least 3 or 4 hours. I didn't attempt to take a single picture; I used this one from via


• We've still been getting almost too many amazingly succulent local blueberries at almost too good a price! I can't wait for my morning cereal every day! Each blueberry is a very little thing; each blueberry represents God's endlessly generous and bountiful gifts from the ground. It's such a berry fruitful way to linger longer.

Mount Carmel Church Mount Carmel Church Mount Carmel Church
Mount Carmel Church Mount Carmel Church Mount Carmel church piano
Reformation Road Trip six slide Bible as Protestant Icon?
Mount Carmel Church social hall
central coast view
central coast view
central coast view

• I attended the sixth and last episode of the Reformation Road Trip our judicatory sponsored. No. 6 was a fairly long drive north to San Luis Obispo along the central coast of California that languidly stretches alongside the almost always placid Pacific Ocean. So excited that I got asked again to accompany the opening song, "We Eat the Bread of Teaching." I compiled a hymn medley for a prelude—but you already knew that! I captured most of the lecture slides, but included only two.

Porch Stories 15 years: Mercy Roads

• desert spirit's fire blogoversary rolls around {again} on the middle day of every July

more Milkweed at church

• More milkweed at church

Poseidon Adventure song

• We watched The Poseidon Adventure at the first ever movie night at church.

Pioneer Day placeholder

• Every 24 July the state of Utah makes a huge deal of Pioneer Day with parades, BBQs and fireworks. Placeholder is a nudge to myself to design something.

national ice cream month

• Just like desert spirit's fire's blogoversary, National Ice Cream Month rolls around every July, but for the entire month—not just a single day out of 31...

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