Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 2020 • Porch Story

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January 2020 desert spirit's fire

• Aside from the urban wilderness-city paradise lectionary blog I update every week (though Reign of Christ notes still await), I mostly blog pictures these days but expect to circle back to writing soon.

• I'll be sure to join Kristin Taylor's next Porch Stories linkup—watch this space!

living local 2020

living local 2020 salad bowl

• I've declared 2020 my year of living local: fewer amazon purchases (I do almost no amazon these days, anyway, and along with hundreds of others I got kicked out of the vine program after six years); more fruits and veggies grown nearby—at least not further away than northern Mexico. When there's a choice? One-of-a-kind community owned restaurants and retail emporia. Etc.

star word 2020 stillness

• Stillness is my #Starword #OneWord for 2020. I need this one!

Natural World Market & Café on Artesia Natural World Market & Café Natural World Market & Café on Artesia

• Saturday January 11th evening dinner at family-owned Natural World Market & Café was an excellent reinforcement of my #LivingLocal2020 and #Stillness #StarWord / #OneWord themes for this calendar year.

stained glass first church glendale
Reg's Retirement Cake
cookies and cake squares
charcuterie tray

• Pastor Reg retired from judicatory staff! Now he gets more time with grandkids and gets not to drive so much. The festive retirement party on Sunday January 12th {Bap-J} featured a few short memories from a few key people, a candle procession (I was a candle-bearer), an extremely slow and leisurely Holden Evening Prayer, good eats. I've long loved the entryway stained glass at the former First Church Glendale; admittedly these food pics are far from my best, but I wanted be able to say charcuterie, so I've included this nice array.

Trinity Hawthorne tree and nature murals
MLK day 2020 program cover
Trinity Hawthorne church chancel
Trinity Hawthorne stained glass Trinity Hawthorne stained glass Trinity Hawthorne stained glass

• The afternoon of Sunday January 19th marked another celebration of MLK Day—again at Trinity in Hawthorne.

poppies group poppies group

• From the afternoon of Saturday 25th January, an everyday poppies event splendidly illustrates #LivingLocal2020. In addition, these multicolored poppies will be stellar design project additions.

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