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Five Minute Friday • Need

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Five Minute Friday • Need Linkup

It's Sunday three days after this linkup ended. Ten days ago I needed to write to this prompt because I needed to feature host Kate's succulents picture, never got to it in time to link because I hadn't a clue what to say regarding need, and then decided to write late when her picture for the following FMF that's now current also included succulents. And so? I'm taking five on this old one and then on to the next, timely one.

Taking five:

What's easier than confusing needs and wants? I need, I want, I wish, I desire. My basic needs are not being met, haven't been met overall for a very long time. I know my gut and my heart and my vision cannot truly differentiate needs and wants these days. Without a doubt I've survived, I've always had shelter, usually enough reasonably okay food, for the most part a marginally sufficient income. But I remember NB (RIP) saying at the choir party over a decade ago, "If I'm to be well, I need to use my gifts, skills, and education, and that's not vanity." That's where I am—or more accurately, where I'm not. Not using more than a very small percentage of my… gifts, skills, and education.

Now what? A few months ago I'd considered beginning spiritual direction for the first time ever. Talked on the phone with a Ignatian-trained director a friend recommended. I told her when I was fully vaxed (I had my second jab in June) and we could meet in person I'd be ready to start. But my more basic needs continued to overwhelm my desire for spiritual direction, and I'm back in discernment about the next step forward to meet my basic needs.

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About my header photograph of Open Door Coffee Company:

For the most part I prefer using my own pictures everywhere, though I've collected a couple dozen public domain images of Hudson, Ohio and had fun photoshopping them. Open Door is such a cool concept for a business, church, community, eatery, or any entity. I need more open doors. I need to open my own doors wider and more often—using appropriate discernment about where and when, of course.
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