Saturday, February 25, 2023

Five Minute Friday :: Assume

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Five Minute Friday :: Assume Linkup

Such a good prompt! This week I'll begin on almost the same page as our FMF host Kate.

We automatically assume countless things about other people. We make uninformed assumptions about strangers. We assume a lot about people we otherwise know fairly well, interact with regularly, and sometimes share long histories. We assume about ourselves: our abilities; our futures; what other people think about us or maybe are saying about us. Because something happened a certain way in the past, that's the way it always will be? No, not really. We study history and sometimes delve into our own life stories in order to see predictable patterns and also to learn about the power of change and the surprise of resurrection from the dead.

Since I first heard it, I've loved the reminder "everyone you meet is fighting an often invisible battle." Be kind. And don't assume anything about their background, intentions, abilities, or all those whatevers.

Besides assuming (literally taking upon ourselves) "stuff" about others and about ourselves, we assume a lot about God. Even people who've studied scripture and have solid backgrounds in theology often assume the God of the bible, God of history, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of Jesus the Christ is like all those other gods. Those other gods are distant and far away. They sometimes get belligerent and punish. They require beseeching, sacrifices, groveling, and other perverse actions if they'll ever decide to act in creation's favor. In short, they've been invented by humans who assume a god would be similar to the typical human.

It's so very providential scripture and Jesus Christ … put aside? No, scripture and Jesus of Nazareth shatter human assumptions to reveal God close at hand and nearby. A God who becomes angry because of God's merciful love. God who requires obedience that favors community and creation, God who longs for conversation that communicates and assumes loving, life-giving response. A God not invented by human assumptions, but God who creates humanity in the image of God of justice, mercy, love, and compassion.

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  1. Come look at me, come look at me,
    look at my long hair and beard!
    Is this what you thought you'd see,
    how most poets have appeared?
    Now listen to the way I speak,
    sharp and crisp, with cold command,
    not what romantic soul may seek,
    dichotomy to understand.
    And at last watch what I do,
    pray for mice that I must kill...
    when it all is done and through
    can you summon up the will
    to take me as I really am;
    no assumptions, just a man?

  2. We are neighbors over at Kate's and I see we took a similar path in writing about Assumptions this week!


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