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Five Minute Friday :: Spoil

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Five Minute Friday :: Spoil Linkup

Our host Kate focused on "spoil" as unearned privilege, a something or a circumstance that offers an advantage many don't have. She talked about a longing – probably even a kind of envy – because she yearned to attend a writing conference yet her situation made it impossible for many years.

Not quite like lost to the loser and sweet to the winner spoils of war, our best human advantages and privileges are those that can be shared to enhance someone else's life and well-being, sometimes to better a whole lot of lives.

As sons and daughters of the King of Kings, offspring of the Most High, we can claim privilege others can't, yet God calls us to pay it forward in service that privileges everyone we meet, to offer love and consideration that literally spoils them, too.

Given that we write for only about five minutes each week, I'll pick up on one aspect of my life that feels spoiled compared to many others—spoiled compared to where I used to be.

Kate told us how participating in a writing conference was out of range for her for a long time, yet finally she found herself not only attending several, but sometimes even part of the leadership. I could blog about being a little kid who wanted to beautify the city; I could cite long intervening years, and then near-countless design awards, invitations to present at different venues, along with my experiences as an invited professional to multiple student portfolio days. That's being spoiled! It's high privilege many never will have!

But related to this theology blog, I'll mention how wowed I was long ago when our bible study leader had to step away and the person who came to facilitate asked, "What are you studying now?" After we told him, he proceeded to lead our discussion as if he'd prepared to. In real life he was ready because his life journey had prepared him for that day.

Fast forward a few years, as they say. Back in Previous City, the person who regularly led a particular scripture study group suddenly had to leave and they asked me to take their place. I went into the room, introduced myself, and asked what they were studying. They told me, and I then facilitated a well-informed interactive discussion that felt as if I'd carefully prepared for that day, because over the years, in the power of the Holy Spirit who's the true facilitator of our scriptural interpretation, I had.

Similar to glancing back on the little kid who wanted to beautify the inner city, I often remember my high level of overwhelm during bible studies and book discussions way back when. I had no particular aspiration to become anything like a scriptorian, but by grace it happened.

Just as a fruit tree goes from apparently bare branches, to buds, to blossoms, to fruit, so do our abilities—and often our opportunities. That's the privilege of being spoiled for service, of being spoiled in order to spoil others.

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  1. Yes, just like fruit I think our abilities can grow so slowly we often don't notice until a particular situation draws our attention to them. And I love the reminder that when God equips us it is not only for ourselves but so we can share with others. Visiting from FMF #12.

  2. oh, what a fantastic spin you put on this. So glad I stopped in. Makes me think I've been a very lazy believer. FMF17


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