Friday, August 05, 2011

projects in progress 5

Officially, today's host Kathryn calls this edition 5 about What To Do, What To Do... and asks, "I'm wondering if anyone else out there takes a week off of work to do a different kind of work:"

1 Have you ever 'staycationed' in order to work on a project? If no, would you?

No, never, but I just might if/and I again have employment that offers vacation time, but it would need to be something somewhat like I'm saying in 2,

2 What project did you or would you tackle first?

Painting the walls of a room or two (kitchen and dining area still have the paint from when I moved in here), refinishing or painting a piece of furniture (or two or three). Happily, I've (re)painted all the furniture of that type (I LOVE painted furniture) in about a dozen colors all told; I've also refinished quite a few pieces!

3 Any other projects?

I've been doing very very well about keeping closets cleaned out and contents recycled through the local thrift store. Over the past few years I've also freecycled 100+ things, all in good condition, that potentially would be valuable to other people and families.

4 What are the pitfalls of a staycation for you?

Possibly getting so tied up in anxieties nothing at all gets done. I'm well aware that a moderate amount of effort gets the best results and no, I'm not trying too hard and no, I'm not lounging back and waiting for life to come to me, but for most of my life I've lived with a severe compulsive-style disorder that makes being alone intolerable and next to impossible.

5 Never mind this staying at home business, where do you want to go and what do you want to do there?

The beach - any beach - and the desert - any desert - let's throw Morocco and Singapore into the mix, too! Thanks, Kathryn!

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