Saturday, March 10, 2012

Awaken Your Senses: Smell

March 5th began week five, the last week of the "Awaken Your Senses" Contest on Facebook, on your own blog, as a comment on Brent's or Beth's blog or on your twitter. Beth and Brent explain:
The sense of the week is SMELL! BTW—did you know that your most vivid memories are likely linked to strong smells? Here's why:

awakenOften, the strongest memories of our past are indelibly imprinted into our memory bank through our senses, especially the sense of smell. ...odors are interpreted as "sweet smelling gardenias" or "foul smelling sneakers." The reason we know the difference is the strong connection between our sense of smell and our memory. (Awaken Your Senses, Pg. 157, 158)
smelling memories

Brent and Beth said there's a "memory bank" we can make deposits into, store the deposits for a while and withdraw them - money in the bank - for various uses when necessary. That's what I'm trying to do by appreciating, remembering and anticipating more smells!

I feel my bare feet sinking into cool wet sand and a surprise of seaspray in my face. I hear mixed modulations of shoulder high waves breaking rhythmically onto the shore. My eyes scan the wide pacific panorama of clear sky, gray-teal-green-blue water and golden sand. Salty, pungent, a little sweet and almost surprisingly fresh, today's ocean smells like yesterday and like tomorrow. ocean pic, smell"Smells like" a summer in Nahant, parking on Atlantic Avenue, stepping out of the house onto the Truro beach, driving up the north shore or up the central coast, basking in late afternoon city sunshine on Malibu East and many many more. Too many more to list or even to recall. In fact, on this warm March afternoon I can taste those memories because today's smells bring back past tastes and especially because the smells become the tastes. This is where I am today but this is where the ocean has been for eons, and should I not trust it to be there for my tomorrows and help me create new todays that will turn into memorable yesterdays that in turn will remind me there are more days on their way?

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