Saturday, April 19, 2014

telling the story: Holy Saturday

Did I tell you Sunday's coming?

Since Ash Wednesday / and Tuesday of Lent 1 I've been blogging a little about myself: Tuesdays of Lent 1, Lent 2, Lent 3, Lent 4 and 5... every Tuesday. You could say this post was supposed to be "Tuesday of Holy Week," but Tuesday got away from me, and it's now Holy Saturday: the day nothing happens, yet everything happens.

As Walter Brueggemann observes, a lot of life – most of our days, probably – are sabbatarian, literally spent in the interstitial time between Good Friday afternoon and Resurrection Sunday dawn. Like the rest of creation, I'll experience a lot more Saturdays, but about a week ago I found out I'm going to be participating in the future I'd been preparing for, that on some level I doubted ever would dawn.

telling the story buttonAll along I've had no trouble affirming the skills and knowledge I've gained. I've told people how my total background had wowed Sizable Suburban Church when I interviewed, but that person (me!) could not touch the theological, design, and musical skills I have now. I easily admit how I've been making lemonade of my lemons all along, yet amidst all the loneliness and disappointments, I've had to rehash Tip O'Neill's "all politics is local" into "all [real] life is local," and truly it is.

*They* insist comparisons typically are abhorrent, but that's typically about comparing oneself to others, since I am who and where I am, you are where and who you are., etc. But it's helpful to look at other similar people: in a first- or second-world developed country; reasonably middle-class; reasonably well-educated; somewhat skilled and highly experienced, and to assess the reasonably expected opportunities and outcome in this society, even allowing for an economy that has flattened a lot of careers, and done its best to devastate expectations. Had my life not been so violently interrupted, I well could have expected that 3/2 house, the Audi, another symphony series. Ok, the economy! I still could have anticipated a 2/1.5 house, another Chevy, a few symphony concerts...

Despite this telling the story blog post series, just like one of my blogging friends, there's too much I don't yet dare throw out into cyberspace. Saturday's almost over—Sunday's coming? Yes, it is, and this time Sunday's Easter Day!

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