Friday, January 09, 2015

1st random 5 of 2015

First 2nd Friday random 5 for 2015.

MaryBeth hosts today's random 5, and tells us, "In honor of Karla, the usual sponsor of this page on the second Friday, I announce it as a random Friday Five. But with a theme: NEW."

1. If you have one, what is your new resolution?

I haven't even started to imagine resolving anything again.

2. Many folks choose a new word for a year’s beginning, as Marci’s congregation does with StarWords. Do you have a word for the year?

MB linked us to Marci's page, so I asked her for a StarWord. Marci's word for me is "Grace"!!! I immediately thought of words from the very first stanza of the hymn, "Come, come, ye Saints":

Though hard to you this journey may appear,
Grace shall be as your day.

William Clayton, 1814-1879

No further commentary necessary.

3. What is your new favorite exclamation/phrase at times of joy or frustration?

It continues to be, "Oh, no! Not again!" Mostly more disappointment and frustration these days. Somehow I need to find local community. And local opportunities. Somewhere.

4. Do you have a new favorite food, or an old one you are newly enjoying?

Neither exactly new nor old, but I'm loving freshly made Summer Slaw from the grocery store. Forever I've enjoyed the creamy vinegary tang of cole slaw, and this version with tiny tomato bits and slightly different ingredients every time I buy it is my latest preoccupation. Typically it includes radishes and green bell peppers. Sometimes jicama, too. I've given up trying to figure it all out.

5. Finally, in general: what is your new favorite thing?

My new favorite things needs to be my conviction I have a future that includes service and community.

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  1. great transparency in your post - my heart hears you.
    Shalom in All for you and fulfilment of ADONAI's plans for you this year...


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