Friday, January 02, 2015

top 10 for 2014

Inspired by several folks around the blogosphere, I'll begin this year with desert spirit's fire's top ten blog posts of 2014—enjoy!

1. Christmas 1: Psalm 148

psalm 148

2. last couple of days 5 "I've been savoring a popular local specialty, Rubio's Fish Tacos..."

3. Baptism of Jesus 2014

Baptism of Jesus 2014

4. springing 5 "All spring flowers are faves, but I'll choose crocus, since they tend to be first to..."


5. mulberry bush 5 "I usually hanker after whatever I can find to feed my five senses..."

6. better late than never 5 "I'll claim gulls in general for now...the California Gull is the state bird of Utah..."

draw a bird day seagulls

7. Theology from Exile Matthew "I'll begin by stating a few years ago I'd sometimes make a theological observation and then add, 'the Jesus seminar notwithstanding.' Author Sea Raven has Jesus Seminar connections, but..."

8. touch of life: August synchroblog " and professional connections aren't the only kind. However, they're the type of connection I still obsess about a lot."

9. October synchroblog: mental illness / health awareness "Socially, professionally, and financially that story I'm trying to tell has been costly beyond anything I could have imagined..."

10. blog action day 2014: inequality "Besides churches where woman deacons and pastors have become routine and expected, several other large denominations, most publicly LDS (Latter-day Saints), LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), and RC (Roman Catholic) recently..."

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