Friday, February 05, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Focus

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Friday 05 February: Focus at Kate Motaung's. FMF? Write unedited for five minutes―a brain dump, a few carefully crafted sentences, your own creative style, whatever "other" pleases you.

Camera in hand, most times we want a clean clear focus on the subject at hand. When you take pictures with something more sophisticated than your phone or point-and-shoot, you can specify depth of field and range of focus; it can be desirable to blur the background in order to focus on the foreground subject. Sometimes the entire image ends up blurry and not-in-focus—probably because the camera was not quite exactly stable and steady. Lately in photography and in graphic design (I'm a working graphic designer-illustrator) we've seen a trend toward bokeh in entire photographs or parts of photos, sometimes added during post-production editing. Bokeh superimposes artificial blur, sometime with color or other styles. Many online image editors offer ways to add out-of-focus blur to your images; these days you can find quite a few photoshop tutorials for effectively blurring your too-focused pics. I strongly suspect Photoshop soon will have a bokeh filter.

production note: my header photo already was out of focus blurred and part of a wonderful image pack from Creative Market I used to help create my designs for Season of Creation 2014. This time I added a bokeh effect, border, and website sig.

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  1. I love to play with focus on my camera too. I also like the editing of focus on my pictures. I love the features which allow me to strengthen the focus in one area of the picture. thanks for sharing. ;)


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