Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn 2016 Currents

• Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Wilshire/ Vermont
• Milkweed window boxes on Santa Monica Blvd, West LA
• Grand Park DTLA
• NoHo Metro Red Line station art


What's more fun than making playlists and maybe even blogging them? Very slightly expanded, here's my Rev Gal Blog Pals Friday 5 for today:

1. group 1 because I love Bruce Hornsby's piano playing and for other reasons: Mandolin Rain; End of the Innocence; Down the Road Tonight; Look Out Any Window, Look Out Any Open Door; The River Runs Low; Every Little Kiss – "When the day goes down on Water Town." I lived in Watertown.

2. because I can't not pick up on the Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, S&G bandwagon: April, Come She Will; For All I Know; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Mother & Child Reunion; the Graceland title track of the Graceland soundtrack; Born at the Right Time from Rhythm of the Saints

3. Huey Lewis' Best for me: Power of Love; I Want a New Drug; If This Is It

4. Mary Chapin Carpenter because she's about the middle america of my mother's side of my family of origin; because we're exact contemporaries; because I love the wistfulness and realness of her music and her style. First songs that come to mind: Almost Home; Come On, Come On; Stones in the Road; I Am A Town; Something of a Dreamer; Quittin' Time; Only a Dream

5. Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 7. What? No Fifth of Beethoven? No Ninth? I'll leave it where I left it.


Still mostly appreciating the variety, feeling of competence, and sense of self that comes with freelance designing.


Before moving to this section of town I'd enjoyed a large with whole milk Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hazelnut Ice Blended most Saturday afternoons while I worked through final notes for my Sunday morning class. No nearby Coffee Bean or Starbucks, so I've been rotating mocha, caramel, and chocolate chip McDonald's frappes. Or a latte on a chilly day. Both options are very very good!

what is there to wear?

Preppy shorts and shirts, dresses, huaraches, and flip flops. Two brand new pairs of combat boots – brown and black – all ready to wear with jeans or dresses in the cooler months. A surprise find of black canvas high tops in my size when I wanted them. Good price, too!


Continuing my Sunday morning teaching gig at Church in West LA. Loving Green Faith Team meetings at the judicatory offices and excited about getting involved in future creation care activities.

comida rapida

Here in the #SFV I've been lunching on subway samwiches a lot; Special K cereal with bananas or other fruit for breakfast. I've discovered Japanese-American Yoshinoya with only about a dozen menu items, all of them in plain, simple, semi-industrial (autocorrect said "neutral" and that's not far wrong) style retail restaurant settings, not overly expensive, and a change from the usual mexican, burger, or other.


Wilshire & Western near Koreatown; Panorama Mall; big open air shopping center The Plant mall that used to be an actual GM assembly plant; #DTLA around Grand Park and Hill


Still more digital versions of more of my analog art. Stay tuned for more additions to this blog's art page!


Every Sunday at Church in West LA with SS before, brunch after; as many weekday 12:10 masses as possible at #DTLA cathedral.


I still hanker after relocating to Detroit, still imagine i couldn't cut the winters, but locations like Sepulveda and Roscoe are gritty enough, sufficiently grungy maybe I can have it all where I already am. Most major wish? Longer term housing.

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