Thursday, October 13, 2016

#Write31Days: 13 • aware

Thursday 13 October: aware

Taking 5 to consider aware, esp my own awareness levels.

As I sometimes stroll, sometimes zoom through my work days and through the urban streets around here, at times I observe and clearly notice every single solitary little tiny detail of everything surrounding me. Other times I don't have the remotest awareness of even the large, big, overwhelming scenario over my head, under my feet, by my side.... seems as if I tend to one angle or the other. Is that good? Or is it bad? Neither, I'd say, but it helps me to know because in some cases one needs to be a better (participant)-observer, at other times blissful unawareness is fine. I like to attend the weekly half-hour long Mindfulness Meditation at the Hammer Museum. The idea behind mindfulness is not necessarily being aware and – mindful – of the people, things, and events around me (though it can include that, of course). It's to immerse yourself more fully in the moment, which starts with being aware of what your body's doing as you breathe, as you sit, as your heart beats, your ears hear.

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