Monday, October 17, 2016

#Write31Days: 17 • study

write 31 days 2016

Monday 17 October: study
"Ain't a-gonna study war no more.
Save the country.
Save the people.
Save the children.
Save the country.

–Laura Nyro
For some prompts in this October five minute free write series I've designed new illustrations; for some I've posted only my series button. One of the beach houses in the Truro trio has become part of several new web graphics. This header image is the dining room from the parsonage in City of History. BTW, nowadays people usually talk about the pastor's "office," but in former times it always was the pastor's study. This dining room only had the semi-lean-to bookshelves and nothing else, so I didn't exactly ever "study" there. This also is one of my fave photos. Originally it was a Polaroid® scan? No, the original was a Polaroid® snapshot. I've done some truly amazing things to enliven it and added styles and pop in Photoshop.

So despite being a seminarian I didn't study in that room. Where did I study? At work, at school, at the coffee shop. The usual places. What was my formal course of study in school at that time? According to my "about" page on this blog it was "justice, righteousness, and Jesus." So that means whatever my interests, I ain't a gonna study war no more, no where, no way. I never ever did.

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