Saturday, April 21, 2012

eve of easter 3 / eve of earth day 2012

earth day 2012 live in the sunshine
I've posted my Earth Day 2012 poster design on my Facebook page, on one of my design blogs and on my urban blog; I've added it to the sidebar of this blog and now I'm including it in this post.

Tomorrow morning I'll celebrate eucharist, the ultimate earth day festival, and then go to Big Municipal Park for EarthFair 2012, "the largest free annual environmental fair in the world!" My sketchbook, markers, pencils and eraser are ready to go and so are my bright new business cards—you never know who you might meet. I never can tell who might be there at the fair…

Meanwhile, I need to put together what I want and need out of life, out of this world, out of this town and out of the church. As Neil Brown commented at a choir party sometime before his passing, "I have gifts, skills, and education I need to use if I'm to be whole, and that's not vanity!"

So often I don't quite trust my own perceptions and convictions and his words still ring very true to me; they soothe me some, as well.

Happy Earth Day, World!

PS My life still cries out for resurrection!!!

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