Friday, April 27, 2012

sacraments friday 5

sacraments 5... all is holy? on the RevGals

I need to remind myself these Friday 5 memes are quick ways to get to know each other better and as Sally says, "I'd like to ask you some simple questions about the sacraments:" In other words, not a multi-volume series and not even an ordination paper.

1. What does the Lord's supper/ Eucharist mean to you?

All time and all space coming together for the messianic feast, a proleptic experience of the fullness of the time of salvation. "Jesus Christ, the Bread of Heaven; Jesus Christ, the Cup of Salvation"— as we experience the broken bread of heaven and poured-out cup of salvation, we also recognize the stranger in our midst as the Christ.

2. How important is preparation for this, and what form does it take?

Along with constant awareness that the Sacrament is God's gracious gift that yet requires human participation, I still need to prepare by doing my best to practice justice to all creation, daily to live the kindness that is love in action, both within the church (church is not exempt!!!) and in the world.

3. What does baptism mean to you?

My incorporation into the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of IX and into the covenant community of the church; God's eternal claim on me as a daughter of the church.

4. How important is preparation for baptism and what form does it take?

If a person is reasonably of age (8 years or older?) at least some instruction in scripture and a modicum of human awareness that despite baptism being God's gift and a joyful, cosmic event, it still is a serious, lifelong human commitment.

5. A quote/ poem/ song that brings you before God in a sacramental way, and helps you to engage at a deeper level...

I couldn't find a video, but to the tune of the famous "I, the Lord of sea and sky..." a few years ago someone in the PCUSA wrote new lyrics that included:

"I, the Lord of font and cup, covenant to lift you up;
Splash the water, break the bread, pour out your lives..."

Saturday morning post-script:

because this was Friday 5, I did my best to do a short, concise play, though as I visited other blogs I discovered all but one participant had outlined some very thoughtful serious stuff. Given the typical tenor of this blog, I'm still feeling cheated that I didn't do so, though I realize my anger reflects my current place of nowhereness and desolation. A few minutes ago I visited a blog where a comment included a poem about rugged days. I commented and will say here, some days, years and decades are more rugged, ragged, and jagged than others.

My life still cries out for resurrection! peace, world!

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  1. ah I love I the Lord of sea and sky, as for the rest of your post, simple poetic, and deep. Thank you.


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