Wednesday, February 13, 2013

day 1, "who am I?"

Lenten photo-a-day challenge on rethink church

I'm taking the photo (or more) a day challenge; check the page I've linked to for daily prompts! You also can use this challenge for writing, drawing, creating music—anything that stirs you. Maybe one thing on one day, something different for another; it's not meant to be comprehensive. "Who am I?" is the word for today, Ash Wednesday. This time I'm posting a pair: first, the night sky before Ash Wednesday evening liturgy; second, the welcome table, with Sunday's palms from 2012 burnt on Shrove Tuesday 2013 on the credence table, ready to remind us as Wednesday's ashes that we are dust, and to dust we will return. Some days I'll probably write a few sentences; other days, not. I'd love you to join me!

1. "Who am I?"

ash wednesday night sky

ash wednesday welcome table

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