Tuesday, February 19, 2013

day 7, "wonder"

Day 7 of the Lenten photo-a-day challenge on rethink church. No pics this time, so I'll make "wonder" my writing prompt.

day 7, "wonder"

Yes, this is about me, wondering how it ever happened that I reached a point in life (both in terms of life's happening/ not happening, and of writing this openly) of posting Sunday's Facebook status update:
I've yet to meet a real mind-reader, so let me explain—blog readers and Facebook "likes" have become such a major concern (distress, devastation) for me because I'd imagined maybe I could create something of an online life, since the real, local one still wasn't happening for me. In other words, theology blog, design page, aren't simply something extra I decided to try for fun or as an addition to what I was doing here in town; they became almost the whole entire thing. I realize most of the (art / design / theology, etc.) peeps who get a lot of online action also have an offline life that enriches and informs their online activity, which is the reason their stuff is (more) worth "likes." I'm also aware nothing I've been doing for the past few years has been my very best, but I also believe it's respectable.
I wonder a lot, and I fear, I fear still more months, years, decades of aimless drifting. Here's my number—so call me, maybe? Tomorrow's prompt is "evil..." I'll try to snap a pic for that one.

Good night, world, may your days be wonder-filled and wonderful.

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