Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#Write31Days 31 • Home

day 31: worth coming home

This Celebrating Place series has been exclusively about places I've experienced first-hand and remember clearly, though I've yet to write about many possibilities on my original list.

Day 31 – the final day of the challenge – is home, because that ultimate place we yearn for and need on every level is a place to belong. More than our attitude or desire, home's about ways others welcome and include us. It's physical shelter and psychological safety. It's careful listening and eating together at the same table. In the city, in the country, along any beach or on a suburban street. Where's your home today?

Tamika, our host for the FB "Too Awesome to Categorize" group I joined, gave us this end of challenge graphic. Yay, everyone!

we did it!

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  1. Home for me is anywhere I get the feeling of belonging. Physically or emotionally. Every human being ought to have that one place they feel at home.


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