Saturday, September 30, 2023

September Summary

September summary header
Urban Wilderness / City Paradise Lectionary Blog for September
almost ripe pomegranates
• By Labor/ Labour Day on this side of the Big Pond, the pomegranates I've been tracking since spring approached ripe enough to eat.
community garden work day
• Garden Work Day, Saturday 09 September yielded a lot of pictures I've featured in this month's header, the header for my Earth sermon on the 24th, for this line item, and for my almost monthly "California" blog footer declaration.

• I didn't capture it in action, but the Autumnal Equinox came around as it always does.

community garden square
• We've been celebrating Season of Creation in a less structured way than when it first began. Due to my own uncertainties, struggles, and other concerns, for at least the past two yearsI haven't specifically designed for the liturgical emphasis, but on September 24th I got to preach on Earth. I even may edit my post later with more pictures. One of the graces of my ongoing struggles was having enough notes I reasonably could expand them to blog my homily.

• No pictures of the final Supermoon Full Moon of 2023 that graced the sky on Friday 29 September as a Harvest Moon.
living local 2023
small tomatoes with California word

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