Monday, September 13, 2004

Mission Statement

Statement of Mission
Here's the mission statement I wrote when I was on staff at the church in City of History. Though it was (quite) a while ago, I don't want to lose it, so again I'm going with the online option! (Vanity note? The denom's deployed mission staff declared this mission statement a model and said he'd show it to other congregations as an illustration of what they could do.)
We are the people of God, forgiven and set free by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; by the power of the Holy Spirit we are called together and sent into the world as witnesses to his resurrection. God calls us, a servant people, to proclaim in word and action the presence of the risen Lord to all those whom our lives touch, especially in this community.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

BWV 82

BWV 82, Cantata, Ich habe genug | Johann Sebastian Bach, the Fifth Evangelist

The Google Translation

1. Aria
Oboe, Violino, I/II, Viola, Continuo

1. I have enough,
I have the welfare and, hoping the pious ones,
On my begierigen arms taken;
I have enough!
I it saw,
My faith pressed Jesum to the Herze;
Now wish I, still today with joys
To separate from hinnen to.

2. That Jesus mine and I its own would like to be.
In the faith stop I it,
There seh I also with Simeon
The joy of that life already.
Leave us with this man ziehn!
Oh! would like me of my body chains
The gentleman erretten;
Oh! would be nevertheless my parting here,
With joy says I, world, to you:
I have enough.

2. Recitativo B

I have enough.
My comfort is only alone,

3. Aria
Violino I/II, Viola, Continuo

Schlummert, their matte eyes,
Are assigned gently and blessedly!
World, I remains no longer here,
Have I nevertheless no part at you,
That the soul could be suited.
Here I must build the misery,
But become I there, there look
Sweet one peace, satisfies rest.

4. Recitativo

My God! if the beautiful koemmt: Now!
Since I will drive into peace
And in the sand coolly earth
And there with you in the lap ruhn?
The parting is made,
World, good night!

5. Aria
Oboe, Violino I/II, Viola, Continuo

I look forward to my death,
Oh, he haett himself already appeared.
There escape from all emergency,
Me still in the world bind.