Friday, May 06, 2011

word association 5

Songbird hosts today's word association Friday 5 on Rev Gal Blog Pals.

First, for each of these five words ... share the first word that comes to mind when you read it.

1) Airport Schiphol

2) Baseball Red Sox

3) Art Creative

4) Chocolate migraine (sorry?! migraine, sometimes, but not always...)

5) Grill Summer

Bonus: Tell us a story that comes to mind based on one of the word pairs.

"it all (or at least mostly) depends on a memory," and I'm looking to reclaim summer as a wonderful season no matter what happens to be happening elsewhere in my life and world, so I'm remembering and trying to transplant days of Red Sox nation coupled with frequent weekday evening feasts on the grill. So that would translate to Padres baseball and seaside picnics. Thanks, Songbird!