Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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winter 2018 events list

This summary features the month of February and the meteorological season of Winter—here are my chronicles for December and January. It's time to link up again with Emily P. Freeman's What I Learned in...

porch stories 28 February

Today is Wednesday, so it's Porch Stories. Kristin Hill Taylor's blogging about winter learnings, too.

south central LA February graphic

Railroad tracks around the corner from where I've been staying form the background for my February graphic; my February story includes still learning patience, still learning to wait, still discerning future moves during this meantime. February has meant acknowledging my marginal level of everyday functioning that's nothing to worry about, but serves as a signal a lot's not okay with my current situation. Having explained that, one of the best February surprises has been newly emerged monarch butterflies in the milkweed planters at church. As caterpillars they got very greedy, munching all the milkweed down to bare stalks!

butterfly 04 February butterfly 04 February

Sunday 04 February

butterfly 11 February butterfly 11 February butterfly 11 February

Sunday 11 February – Transfiguration

milkweed monarch butterfly monarch butterflies

Sunday 18 February –Lent 1

Glendale Green Team pictures

The Green Faith Team met again in Glendale during late February mostly to finish planning for the 22 March World Water Day event we're hosting down by the LA River riverside {watch this space!}. I created a scrapbook page to collage my photos; for some reason it's been a long while since kids in the on-campus school displayed their art in the windows, but their bulletin board displays were like scrapbook pages within my scrapbook page.

young. gifted. black. program cover

February is Black History Month. On the last Sunday of February I attended a fabulous Young. Gifted. Black. A Fundraiser Showcasing our Talent Allowing our Young Voice to be Heard to benefit urban kids who'll be traveling to Houston to participate in their denomination's This Changes Everything youth gathering. They insisted, "we are current black history." It was so wonderful words can't describe it; I captured quite a few excellent photos, but don't have permission to use them, so the event program's my only illustration.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Star Word 2018 :: Freedom

star word 2018 freedom

2018 is the fourth year in a row I've had a star word to guide me through the months to come. Typically people choose a star word during the season of epiphany in order to reflect and maybe mimic the visitors from the east who reached the young Jesus by following a star. Only Matthew includes that story in his gospel account. Professionally, those magi were stargazers and astrologers who knew sky signs well, so they recognized the bright star that arose at Jesus' birth as a special signal. In 2015 and 2016 someone from Facebook bestowed my star words: grace for 2015; daring in 2016. A Facebook friend suggested faith for 2017 and I ran with that one.

Readers of this blog know I facilitate the mostly Revised Common Lectionary adult Sunday School at my church. When we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany on Sunday 07 January (festival moved to closest Sunday), I told my class about star words and several people chose one.... to live around and trust throughout 2018.