Thursday, September 04, 2003

Why One Way? 5


Why One Way? by John MacArthur

why one way coverThere were some things I really liked on the first couple of pages of chapter 5, so I'll mention those and then go on to express my dismay about what I really did NOT like further on in 5! First, together with E I like Dr. Mac's saying the authority of the Word of God is the authority of Godself, rather than of any office, calling, church body, or any other expression of the church. And I love his words, "To speak boldly and declare that God has spoken with finality is neither stylish nor politically correct." I also much appreciate his describing our decision as Christians as being "to accept Scripture and set its authority and ourselves against the rest of the world."

But as he continues, once again he's totally lost sight of the ambiguity, vulnerability and sometimes outright plain complexity of the manifestation of the Word the Good Book is. Again he uses the phrase "biblical Christianity!" Well, I totally believe my Christianity is "biblical" and becoming more so every day, but it's not much like what Dr. Mac's been talking about! I won't comment again on his saying "effeminate and powerless" in the same breath!

"False religion!" With M, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take, but I also know for a fact this kind of discussion and exploration is very good for opinionated "moi." I have no trouble whatsoever with the course description (BTW, from Claremont) that appalls him so. And I sure do need a large does of humility these days! I agree with M that God enjoyed everything about the picnic she described and I also believe (in all humility) God likes interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

Someone asked,
I guess the real question is — what constitutes an "other worldview?" is it Islam vs. Christianity or is it the teachings of Christ (mercy, humility, compassion) vs. the teachings of the materialistic, self-centered and self-interested world?
I think you're absolute correct in saying that's the "other worldview" we see in the life of Christ and in his teaching, so in closing and once again, I need to ask Dr. Mac, "where is the person and work of Jesus Christ in all of this?"

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