Monday, May 03, 2004

Freedom Again!

Rick, yes, thank you! Re:

"True freedom needs the confines of healthy boundaries, otherwise it dissolves into nothingness,"

central to the Exodus/Freedom narrative is the Sinai Covenant with its instructive demands about *how* one lives in covenantal community, *how* one lives and worships as the people of God. Not given when Israel existed in Egypt's bondage nor after crossing the River, but during dependence on manna from heaven and water from the rock: despite the seeming wildness, Israel received the law and learned to live fully and worship with integrity on the way to Promised Land freedom. No, law doesn't redeem, law won't *buy back* because it can't, not God’s behavioral (right now I can't think of a better modifier) law, humanly imagined sacrificial law nor our local motor vehicle or real estate regulations or minimum wage...or whatevers. But those laws, codes, policies, regulations, or just plain unwritten "conventions," provide structures within which society can live and function with freedom. And because of that freedom, therefore receive grace. Of course, the *laws* tend to become freighted with senseless addendums, exclusions...

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