Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Charlotte and the White Horse

Charlotte and the White Horse on amazon

charlotte and the white horse cover"Enchanting" is an overused word, but Maurice Sendak's illustrations and Ruth Krauss' narrative in Charlotte and the White Horse are enchanting without a quibble or a doubt. In this story about love, hope, newness, and possibilities, author Krauss sprinkles allusions to the biblical Song of Songs / Song of Solomon throughout the tale of Charlotte and her colt "— not a lion, not a fire engine —" Milky Way. The wind and the rains are gone, grasses sprouting, trees in bud. With radishes planted and winter over, spring and the time of singing have arrived in the land where Charlotte and Milky Way live. Sendak's full-color watercolor illustrations are simple yet wonderfully detailed. Charlotte and the White Horse would be a wonderful keepsake for yourself or a gift for someone of any age, from preschool to centenarian. Maurice Sendak died this morning, 08 May 2012, at the age of 83; I'd long intended to review and blog Charlotte and the White Horse, and finally, here's my review.

my amazon review: beauty and timeless hope

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