Friday, June 29, 2012

summery 6

Today MaryBeth hosts what I really really like about the current season and asks: "What are five things that you REALLY REALLY REALLY like about the current season where you live?"

summer weedsWe're enjoying summer, so here's my quick summery five:

1. more excuses to go to the beach any day of the week at any time of the day.

2. longer days with (usually but not yet this year) increased creativity and productivity.

3. hot (or at least warmer) weather!

4. seasonal fruits and berries and veggies!

5. longing memories of summer activities with too many now former friends; those remembrances give me hopeful hints of what might happen again.

mount olympus

and, for a bonus:

"Something you are looking forward to about another season?"
I'll choose winter as that "another season." I'm finally learning to appreciate gifts of shorter days, longer nights, light in the dark.

PS I took the summer photograph at Malibu East beach, a small inner city strip beach in City of History on the east coast; winter features my photograph of Mount Olympus near A Former City.


thanks for visiting—peace and hope to all of us!