Friday, March 15, 2013

techie 5

Today features a techie 5, hosted by Jan.

1. My routine technologies are my iMac I cannot live without—"Snow Leopard," so it must be a kitteh thing; an iPod; still a simple basic cell phone with the old kind of VGA 1/3 MP camera; "I've got my [14 MP point and shoot] Nikon camera."

life stuff button2. I've been on Facebook since late Autumn 2007; in May 2009 I started a page for my liturgical and "other" design. I also have far less active pages named after this blog and after my urban blog, preservation project; I started them mostly so no one else would take the names. Networked blogs auto-posts to both, and I rarely add other content. I have a pair of twitter accts: as @suntreeriver has close to 1000 followers and I've tweeted almost 5,000 times from that acct; the newer @liturgylegacy is less active, though I may start tweeting more from there. For a while I played Farmville a couple times a day, but thought I was quitting for a month in June 2011 when it became an almost full-time job. I imagined I'd quit for a month, but never went back. The other very simple cat, dog, garden, and critter apps I played for a while and enjoyed because they weren't demanding all evaporated from facebook.

3. With graphic design my basic work that involves my computer about 90% of the time, I don't separate online activities between home and work, so you could say, "it's all the same everywhere."

4. Per my response to (1), I don't have an i- or a smart phone, only a basic one, though I need to upgrade to a qwerty keyboard to make texting more convenient; I also need a data port so people can transfer files to me without emailing. I cannot justify the initial or ongoing price of a smarter phone.

5. What do I wish I had or didn't have in relation to these devices? Only the slightly smarter phone I'll probably pick up very soon. I don't want a tablet or laptop; in fact, I've never ever had a laptop. I'm happy reading e-books on my desktop, and for the most part prefer e-books to hard copies (paperback or hardbound). However, I'll confess, when the day comes I can buy a tablet that weighs 8 ounces, costs $80, and supports the Adobe design software, I'll be right there!

Bonus: The difference between my techie attitudes and the generation older or younger? In terms of my own generation, my skill/expertise level in the Adobe design software far exceeds most casual users (well, yeah, it's what I do professionally), though I'm an exception in not having a smarter phone or a tablet. Related to the young kids who find email too slow and mostly communicate by texting, I find texting irritating, though I know parents of my generation who text almost incessantly with their HS-age kids.


  1. Since my oldest daughter works in graphic design, I am learning much more about it, so I am impressed with your abilities. Glad we're connected in various ways.

  2. My routine technology is my laptop I guess, it’s what I use for my writing and my entertainment such as the internet and movie watching; second to that would be my ps3, a bit materialistic, but it is a great stress reliever and I’ve always been a bit of a gamer girl
    Oh..I don’t even know when I was first on Facebook, years ago I suppose , perhaps around 2007 or 2008. I used to use myspace and then transitioned over. I don’t have a blog yet but I keep thinking I might. I do enjoy playing games on facebook but the ones that I play change, because I get bored with one after a while and change what I’m playing. I love words with friends but it hasn’t worked on my computer in a long time.
    I’m on the computer a lot since I am not working and I am freelance writing for small articles on and so I’m often on the computer.
    I have a basic android smart phone but I don’t use it much except to text.
    I do wish I had more memory in my phone, the reason I underutilize it is because the memory is full and I haven’t had the money to upgrade the memory card so I can’t really run or install the most useful apps

  3. I missed texting entirely, though I do occasionally peck out a text quite inefficiently!

  4. I'm happy to hear someone say "I find texting irritating." Me, too. Maybe it's because, like Margaret, I do it so inefficiently.


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