Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday of Lent 3

Remember! "...a free future must begin with the right to talk freely about the past." George F. Will

telling the story buttonOn Tuesday of Lent 1 I started some actual story-telling; here's another installment. This autobiographical information would be a better fit on my old testimony blog, but I haven't been posting on it or listing it anywhere, so here it is on my more formal theology blog. And why not? I'm talkin' about the person who writes here, does design there, a little art elsewhere, some keyboards in another location. Or two. Or three.

Recently I read in Greenville Online an article that's no longer there... happily I've always had a roof over my head, and haven't been literally homeless.

Although I'm wise enough not to trust my memories of anything, during that year I got recalled (=fired) and into the following years, I don’t remember anyone expressing concern for my unemployment, or trying to find me a job, or contacting me to see if I needed some help or counseling (yeah, I did). Literally no one who had known me was in my life to ask what I wanted to do, what I thought my next step needed to be. I started drifting. The Greenville Online article offered wisdom: "Be prepared to 'be,' rather than 'do.' We ask potential volunteers to attend worship, eat with us, hang out in the art room, attend a Playback CafĂ© where the homeless tell their stories. Then they can decide what they might do." I realize people know only what they observe, and most likely (if they think at all) people imagine I have zero ambition... I'm still every bit as ambitious and full of dreams as ever.

During the Winter Olympics they kept showing a Liberty Mutual commercial about setbacks, comebacks. I fully believed I'd finally make a comeback and that again people would be in my life to celebrate with me.

What would I counsel myself? To remember how very inner city Our Saviour's Boston and Our Savior's North Park both dropped out of the sky. Los Angeles sounds like a great plan, if I can get some response and probably visit there, too.

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