Thursday, March 31, 2022

March 2022 Winter into Spring

March 2022 Winter into Spring
• During March I never left the Los Angeles city limits! I'd never thought to track such a thing until in my google maps update I noticed I never left LA during October 2021, either. Fun stuff!

March Lectionary Project on my Urban Wilderness blog
March Planning Retreat
• Friday 11 March • Planning Retreat
Community Garden
Community Garden
• Saturday 12 March • Gardening Class at the Community Garden
Old Tyrone Entryway with new flowers and succulents Posies on my walk back home
• Sunday 13 March • Old Tyrone Entryway and Posies on Homeward Stroll
California Golden Poppies
• Tuesday 22 March • Golden Poppies
World Water Day flyer
• World Water Day • Tuesday 22 March • "On every side of the river is the tree of life."
Tomato Plant Container Garden
• Saturday 12 March • Thursday 31 March • Tomato Plant Progression
Spring Flowers in Tucson Arizona
• Carla sent some spring flowers from Tucson, Arizona. First and last squares in my header collage are from her place; here are two more.
Living Local 2022
California Golden Poppies

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