Friday, March 12, 2004

Romans 7 notes

The Cotton Patch Version (CPV) of Paul's Epistles translates Paul’s subjunctive of emphatic negation – μή γένοιτο – which in English usually becomes a polite and deferential "by no means" – as "Hell, no!"

Recap of Romans 6: after our near death (well, actually experiencing our first death) experience we’re less fearful of death power, so (referring back to Berry's Manifesto) we’re free to practice resurrection.

When we're the sinned against, we are so exquisitely aware of the law and all the most minuscule transgressions of the law

Even mentioning a possible and potential occasion of sin (Las Vegas for the gambler, caches of drugs for the addict) is enough to set our hearts wildly yearning in that direction. In our post-liturgy discussion group someone suggested, "How about Hot Fudge Sundae for the dieter?"

Cheryl: if there wasn't a law, we wouldn't want to do it!

Cheryl: if one person does it, then the next person does, then the entire group begins doing it and the joint participation "normalizes" the offense and transgressing the law actually becomes normal, literally the "norm!" Mob mentality (Cheryl's words)

Harvey Cox: "Sin is normative in the Fall." (Sorry I don’t have the reference.)

Isabelle: multiculturalism in Paul's time is like today’s internationalization! Internationalism?

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