Monday, April 25, 2011

sprout 25: sorrow

Today is my cousin Torrie's birthday. We last got together when she visited this area in fall 2003 and haven't heard from her since fall 2005. thinking about it and remembering so much we did together, my genuine happiness (actually feeling something for a short while) at being reunited with her, beginning a new friendship phase and having it fade out is sad. It's really hard to change something you don't acknowledge and Walter Brueggemann insists, "only grief makes newness possible," which is in a similar vein. So it's not only about acknowledgment sprouting the sorrow I need and want to feel for another ending (or hopefully, simply a long interruption) it's about admitting it's so, after all, getting out of rationalizations and denials and the truth helping me move through to newness.

april blogging sprout

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